Nakabori (Caisson) Auger Series

Sanwa Nakabori (Caisson) Auger Series are system to drive ready made hollow spun pile or steel pile inserting auger flight inside of them to discharge soil continuously and outer spun pile or steel pile is driven by force of hollow drop hammer and or by hydraulic cylinders extension counter balanced with downward wire-dragging force.
Air compressor is used to inject compressed air through swivel and hollow stem to make soil discharge easier. And same or different swivel and hollow stem are used to inject cement slurry at the bottom of pile.
This series and methods are used, for example, when bearing layer exists very deep under soft ground.

Model Thrust force Thrust stroke Drop hummer mass Weight Applicable Pile dia
N 80-8 45ton 2500mm 5+3 ton 14.4ton 800mm
N120-10 70ton 2500mm 8+2 ton 17.1ton 1200mm
Please note that some products may be subject to small changes due to continuous studies into design and performance.